Free ASP.NET 4.0 web hosting with SQL Server 2008 Express

Are you looking for free ASP.NET web hosting to learn, practice and demonstrate ASP.NET and SQL Server 2008? AspSpider offers web hosting for educational purpose. Use our hosting services to create ASP.NET websites and give demonstrations to your manager or client. This service is purely for learning and educational purpose and absolutely no commercial sites are allowed except for demo purpose.

NOTE: Due to excessive number of phishing and spammy websites created by untraceable people, we have introduced a account verification process, which will cost $20 per website. This account verification is valid for 3 months and you can renew it further after 3 months.
What you can do at AspSpider?

- Learn ASP.NET 4.0
- Host your ASP.NET 2.0, 3.5, 4.0 web sites
- Host it for free (and no Ads on your sites!).
- Use SQL Server 2005 or 2008 Express editions.
- MS Access support.
- Up to 100 MB disk space.
- 2 GB monthly data transfer.
Our free ASP.NET web hosting is an absolutely free offer from a group of .NET programmers for the peer technical community.

We have limited number of servers and new registration will be closed as soon as we reach our server limits.

Why do we offer web hosting for free?

AspSpider is presented to you by the same group of software engineers who developed,

We have several sponsors and advertisers for our technical web sites including this one. We use a portion of our income through advertisements in our sites to provide this free service to the developers for educational purpose. We love Microsoft technologies and it is our humble efforts to give something back to the society after working on various .NET related technologies for several years.

We do not have any paid hosting plans. If you like to upgrade your web site, please consider our sponsors.

Create a free ASP.NET website

Here are the simple steps to use our ASP.NET hosting services:

1. Register as a member.

2. Go to Dashboard and click on the link to create a website.

3. Upload your files using File Manager and replace the sample web pages we created for you.

Enjoy our services and let us know your feedback through the forum.
This ASP.NET hosting is for educational purpose only. You may use this service to learn and practice web development using ASP.NET and other related technologies. has no relationship, association or connection, whether directly or indirectly, with Microsoft Corporation or its affiliates, partners, subsidiaries and group companies. ASP.NET and SQL Server are trademarks of Microsoft and we are neither affiliated to ASP.NET nor are we related to Microsoft or other products and services of Microsoft.