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    How to upload the whole project from visual studio 2010

    I have created a whole project in vs2010, and I can run it perfectly in localhost. I would like to upload the whole project in the this server now, so the other people can also see my project online.
    1. I would like to know - what's the target location?
    2. If I have uploaded the database, which address can I use, so I can connect it from vs2010?
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    I am not sure if you can directly upload the files, but I would use webroot as the target.

    I haven't tried to FTP to the system, but I uploaded each one of them manually using the file upload part of the file manager.

    It is tedious, but works.

    If you are using an ASP.Net file with a database, you will have to modify the connection strings and they want you to upload database files to the database directory.

    You will have to use a database directory in your VS 2010 app to get the most of it, and I would recommend using SQLDataSource instead of AccessDataSource if you use an Access database. The connection strings have a comparable format when you use a SQLDataSource.

    Also, I couldn't get SQLServer to work on this site. That is probably just something I am doing wrong, but I went with an Access database and get the same results.

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    I can run project in localhost IIS 7.0 too, but I publish web-application in local machine before upload to aspspider webroot. But if you want upload the whole project create zip then upload zip-archive and extract in webroot directory.

    "If I have uploaded the database, which address can I use, so I can connect it from vs2010?" - you can't connect from vs2010 because aspspider don't give connection parameters like MS SQL Server address, Login name, Login password. You must edit your connection string as shown in aspspider help topic and your application will works.

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