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    How to upload the site master and C# codes from

    Good Day, I'm very thankful for this website that it gives opportunity to us who are starters for this web hosting because we just shifted from windows-based to web-based systems. Also, I was amazed that its free. I was trying to upload my files but I'm using visual studio to make website. How will I upload the aspx and c# code and also with my site master. Thank you. Hoping for the response when you have free time.
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    As far as I know, you cannot use an automatic upload process.

    What I did was went to the File Manager or the Database Manager (as appropriate), and used the upload button.

    You can then upload you files 10 at a time.

    Be sure to upload only the .aspx, .aspx.vb, web.config, web.sitemap, site master and .aspx.cs files as well as the database files as well as graphics, etc.

    Do not use "show all files" and upload the rest of the files. It is unnecessary and may cause significant problems.

    I setup my VS 2010 setup to use database instead of App_Data as the location for my database to help.

    Also, if you use classes for either VB or C#, you need to create a component (.dll) file and upload it because the import or using statements do not work with uncompiled code on this site like they will in VS 2010.

    A .dll file created for VB will work for C#.

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