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    I am looking for a web host, not a facebook clone.

    I just joined and am immediately overwhelmed by the amount of links that have absolutely nothing to do with the reason I came here to sign up for. Bombarded by Social and Awards and SEO and ADS and many many other useless things when I can't even find the goddamned link to add a site or edit the default page or upload files. If I wanted to be social I'd go to facebook, not here. And now it appears that if I want a web host I shouldn't come here for that either.

    And so I am about to delete my account but what do I find? More reasons to blow a gasket. "Once created, we do not allow deleting a user account permanently from this site." "If you have used your name and other personal information in any of your content, those will stay and cannot be removed." "..our editors may have already spend their valuable time editing and reviewing your content.." "If we mutually agree to remove all your content from this site, you need to compensate us for the expenses incurred in hosting content"

    Wow, just wow. I'm sorry but I somehow can't stop myself from associating everything I've seen here with the word "India".

    I'm outta here.
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    I am sorry to hear you didn't like our free hosting services. Let me try to help you the best I can.

    Take a look at the main tabs of this site. The first one is called "Web hosting". That is where you go to create a site, upload files and even delete the hosting account. Did you check there and still having difficulties?

    I can see that you have already created a hosting site and uploaded files. What are the issues you are still facing?

    If you no longer want to have a free site, follow this url to delete your files and website:

    We do not allow you to delete the member account you created due to various issues we have mentioned. However, you can edit and remove any personal information from your account and leave only a skeleton account here.

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