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    Unable to display the page and impersonation problem

    Unable to display the page

    while execute i am getting the following error

    Your web site is expired or has a configuration problem. Please login to your account in and make sure your site is configured correctly.
    I get error about impersonation in my web.config file.

    I have upload again all files still problem is same

    Please Help
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    I had a similar problem on a remote access it is not met. You need to wait until the administrator or web master will not solve the problem with the site or to leave feedback support until it has been read and will not fix (restarting the application pool or the entire web server IIS). Don't worry hold another free ASP.NET hosting for a copy of this website and will not worry.

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    the administrator or web master has not answered my question. I'm confused who else i will have to ask.
    can you help me Naidenko Alexander?
    thx b4

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    Your web page Error as everyone else (so the problem is not your site). This problem can be corrected only locally and not remotely. Wait until the system administrator or web master will restart your website. You can try my method sometimes it helps but not all, see my previous answer to the same question by reference

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    I think you have created the website 90 days before because In the policy of this stie that Your website will be deleted 90 days after the date you created the site. All files will be deleted with no backup.
    see point 12 under handing "other hosting rules" in this link

    create the new website i think the problem will be resolve.

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