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    All my files are gone

    Hello! I got a problem when I try to access my website. It showed a ASP.NET error about file not found. So, I try to log in and check the file manager but it said error and ask me to click back and try again... Finally I can get in the file manager after 12 hours... But all my application (aspx pages) and data files are gone. My web application have not updated for a while so I believe the problem is not due to program update. I really want to get my data files back. Anyone can help me? Thanks!
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    Maybe the site repair button?

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    Your website was created on January 2014. The hosting here is only for 90 days and after that you need to recreate the site on a different server, if you like to continue to use it. After the 90 day period, few email warnings are sent and the files will be permanently deleted after a grace period.

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