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    Version of Windows Server

    I developed a small ASP.NET 2.0 website application for a client back in 2009 and used your site to test the web application. The client subsequently hosted his final production website with a hosting provider who had Windows 2003 Server/IIS6 as their main server platform.

    In 2011 the hosting provider upgraded to Windows 2008 Server/IIS7 and my client's website had problems in being able to display thumbnail images within this new environment. I was unable to resolve the problem and he subsequently closed his website. I would like to do some further testing of the problem using your test hosting website, but need to confirm what version of Windows server you are currently using. I was hoping you had Windows 2008 Server available.
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    At the moment my site is running on Windows Server 2003. My script reads the name of the operating system from the registry. See screenshot on my computer below.


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