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8 Mistakes To Avoid In Any Work Meeting

Meetings between managers and employees are vitally important because they enable them to exchange information and discuss options for future projects. Sometimes meetings can be completely unnecessary, especially with email and instant messaging.

Regardless of the importance of the meeting, it is important to remember that these meetings are public in nature and to present yourself professionally. These are eight mistakes that staff meetings can make.

1. Be late

It is acceptable in an office to arrive on time for meetings. People who participate in meetings often have other tasks, which is why they are posted at the beginning of the day. Set an additional alarm and make sure you have a cup of strong coffee before you enter the conference room.

2. Not reviewing the agenda prior to the meeting

Many offices distribute the agenda prior to meetings so that everyone has a clear idea of what is being discussed. This organization will allow you to look over the agenda before each meeting and take notes of any comments or questions. By attending the meeting fully informed and engaged, you will do yourself a favor and help your boss and coworkers.

3. Take part in different activities during meetings

Your office may require you to bring a laptop to meetings. However, it is not unusual for people to use the computer, especially if it is taking too long. Even though it is common for people to respond quickly via email in meetings, you may find yourself distracted from the meeting by focusing on another project or checking your email.

4. Interrupt others

Meetings can be a difficult environment to share ideas. Many people want to participate in the discussions, so it takes patience to find the right moment to express your views. This is where “patience” is especially important, because it may not be popular to interrupt your colleagues.

5. Laugh, roll your eyes or destroy the ideas of your classmates

You must also keep a poker face during business meetings. Even if Maria, from accounting, suggests something that is silly or irrelevant to your mind, you shouldn’t laugh or roll your eyes at her. You can disagree with the assessment and offer an alternative solution, but you must remain composed.

6. Throughout the meeting, eat and drink

Most companies allow employees to drink water or coffee during meetings. Many companies provide snacks for meetings. You should not eat or drink during meetings. If you do decide to have something, please be discreet.

7.Fall asleep

It seems obvious, but it is more common than you may think. Attendees can fall asleep especially during morning meetings. This can be very unprofessional and can negatively impact your reputation. Even if you’re very tired, it is important to remain alert.

8. Meetings without a purpose are not scheduled.

You should avoid scheduling meetings without a reason if you are in charge of organizing them. Meetings can be time-consuming and costly, but they are worth the effort when they are truly necessary. If the agenda for a meeting can easily be accomplished via email, resist the temptation of booking the conference room.

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