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Email Retargeting How To Retain Customers Who Visit Your Website

It is likely that you have visited a page to book a flight or to choose a hotel in another country. However, they started to follow you on social media and email with similar offers and products. Email retargeting is a well-known technique for online marketing that allows you to have the same experience as before.

We will then explain what it is, and how you can use it to connect with your customers and increase conversions.

What is email retargeting and how does it work?

Email retargeting is a method of reaching potential customers via personalized emails. It involves contacting them to perform a specific action such as to register, buy, download a file or register.

Cookies are used to track the behavior of users who visit your site. Based on that information, brands can send you relevant information tailored to your interests and tastes.

How do you retain customers who visit your site?

There may be many people who visit your site often. They subscribe to your email list and then leave the page. Nothing happens. How can you retain your customers so that you achieve your primary goal of making them buy? We will share 5 ways to do this:

Tip # 1: surprise visitors

No matter what business you are in, surprise your customers with something unexpected. A discount or a gift doesn’t really matter as much as the benefits it will bring you.

Customers must feel happy today, not just buy a product.

Tip # 2: engage inactive visitors

You want to get those visitors who have left your site for any reason back to your site. This is why it is important to understand their needs and desires so that you can offer them something of value. This is what will make your brand stand out from the rest.

Tip #3: Target the right audience

This strategy is extremely effective as you already know who your audience is. They have previously visited your website and shown an interest in the products and services you offer. This information is used to create a follow up that captures potential customers and converts them into sales.

Tip #4: Customize and segment everything

Knowing the behavior of your visitors will allow you to create highly personalized and segmented offers that will seduce future customers. You can do this through email, ads, and even surprise incentives that you know they will like and won’t reject.

Tip #5: Retargeting + Social Media

Knowing what your users like and dislike is one thing. But knowing where they are and what to do to reach them is quite another. Your ads will also be most effective in social networks, as users spend the majority of their time there.

Retargeting campaigns via social media are more effective and powerful because brands invest in order to offer better service, offers or experience than their competitors.

What is the key to retargeting?

Retargeting can be an innovative method and it is important to use it when necessary.

1. Encourage them to keep shopping.

One of the best strategies is to target abandoned carts. You send an email reminding the visitor that they have forgotten to complete their purchase, and the visitor has left their cart. This message should encourage the visitor to continue their journey.

Remember to keep in mind that your email should be friendly and attentive. It should also show that you are interested in the person’s needs.

2. Recommendations for products and services

Knowing your visitors well allows you to make solid recommendations for future purchases based on their needs. It’s simple: you already know what your visitors want. So, get creative and recommend similar products or complementary products for a purchase that you have made.

3. Newsletters

Newsletters are a great way to not only increase sales, but also to build close and personal relationships with customers. This is more than just a sale. Show them you care by showing them that you are grateful for their interest in your products and services.

How do you do email retargeting using a professional tool?

Mailify, a tool that allows you to create automated scenarios that activate when you visit a page on your website, is available.

You will then find a JavaScript that allows you to customize the pages you wish to track, and link your page with Mailify.

Next, create an automated campaign. Select the type of page views sequence you want. You can trigger an automated scenario by using page view when a visitor visits a particular page on your website. You can use this information to send order confirmation emails and registration emails.

The next step is to automatically redirect you to your recovery scenario. This is where you will create the first message that appears to visitors when they visit a page on your site. You can also edit the message to suit your needs and set the frequency. Avoid sending too many messages to your client.

Your automated email retargeting campaign is now ready to go. It is up to you now to review the results and make corrections.

Retargeting can be used to get potential customers to remember your name and return to you.

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