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How To Boost Your Social Media Strategy With Topicflower

We share all the updates and benefits that you will find in our app

We are aware that planning content strategies that convert and create real conversations with the community is difficult at the moment, particularly given the volume of information shared on these platforms.

While many companies will put all their effort into promoting their products’ sales, others will only bet on scheduled posts and (still) buying followers. It is important to consider all aspects of a Social Media Marketing Plan. These include the quality of our customer service and the time we spend communicating an idea.

1. Instant brand insight

You can connect the profiles you manage and those belonging to brands you don’t manage and you will start receiving data within minutes.

You can download profile reports by social network and brand in PDF format. Share them with your team or clients.

In just a few clicks, you can find out who, what, where, and when your brand interacts on different social media networks.

2.Optimize your content.

You can optimize your results on every platform once you have identified the best times and formats for posting about your brand.

If you have connected your brand (which you control), you can schedule your posts on Instagram and LinkedIn from one location.

Your brand dashboard will also provide suggestions about when, where and how to post.

You can also work together as a team to add more people to your subscription and brand, and give them different roles in brand management.

3. Analyze your Love Brand

Artificial Intelligence technology analyzes the quality of comments on Instagram and Facebook to determine if the Love Brand is positive or negative.

You can also analyze the copy of posts on all social networks with our integration with Google Sheets.

We also give credit to the quality of brand reactions on Facebook and LinkedIn profiles. Each interaction represents a different emotion (it angers me, it amuses, etc.).

4. Create and measure conversational topic strategies

Our new app will allow you to categorize your publications into different conversation topics. This will enable you to identify the most interesting topics for your community on each social network.

You can also download PDFs that contain all details about each topic, including publications, interactions, and engagements.

You can also design multiple topic strategies to get the insight you want. You can categorize your content based on conversation topics. However, you can also categorize it based on criteria like types of tags they contain or publication places.

You can now download, along with the topic report, a report on conversation categories.

5. Learn how the market and competition talk

Analyze your competition by connecting profiles you don’t manage and analysing their strategies for conversation topics.

The Benchmark Report can be downloaded to get the key data from the top brands in your market. It will reveal what the average engagement should be, when it is convenient for you to publish, what resources you use and how often you publish on each social media network.

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