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How to Sell Jewelry

Selling gold jewelry is a great way to make money quickly and easily. The reasons for selling your jewelry can be very different: getting out of a specific economic problem, sharing some inherited jewelry with money or simply because you prefer to invest that money in other priorities.

In any case, before selling them, it is necessary to know some important things in order to obtain the greatest benefit.

3 Ways to sell jewelry

Let’s share some ways to sell your jewelry and have success in the process, but please remember that before selling gold jewelry it is necessary to know what kind of jewelry you have.

Carry out a preliminary appraisal of your jewelry to find out the weight of the gold, the quality of the diamonds and precious gems, the design, the brand, the age and many other characteristics that only a qualified gemologist appraiser can give you.

Once you know the complete characteristics of your jewelry, you can go to sell the jewelry in the different options offered by the market.

  1. Auction house

This option is highly recommended if you have important jewelry. The main advantage is that they will value important aspects of the jewel that they would never do in a gold sale. They will give you a starting price valuing the metal, gems, age, originality, design, brand and all the characteristics of the jewelry. They will take care of carrying out all the management of the sale, photographing the pieces in their catalog, promoting it and they will be the ones who take care of finding the buyer.

The disadvantages will be the high commissions that they will charge when selling them (between 14% and 18% in average), the cataloging expenses and the long waiting times, both to sell the jewels and to collect them later.

  1. Gold trading

This is the best option if your jewelry has a lot of gold weight, is neither old nor specially designed, and is not made up of diamonds and important gems.

Unlike auctions, payment is immediate (cash or transfer).

The disadvantages are that the jewel will never be valued, but only the weight of the gold at a price much lower than the real one. If the sale is not serious, they can try to deceive you with the weight, the purity of the gold (18 kts, 14 kts or 9 kts) or simply tell you that something is bad when it is good. For this reason, we recommend going to recognized sites in the sector or that have been working on the sale for some time.

In case you want to sell an important diamond, it is preferable to sell it separately in a specialized diamond dealer and then sell the gold in a normal gold dealer.

  1. Individuals

If you have the option of selling your jewelry to an acquaintance or individual without going through intermediaries, it will undoubtedly be the best option.

Some tricks to keep in mind before selling jewelry

  • Know the weight of gold and diamonds: it is essential before trying to sell your jewelry, to know the weight of both gold and all gems.
  • Gem qualities: It is not only important to know the weight of your gems. It is just as important to know the qualities of all gems. Find out about the 4 C’S of the diamond: weight (carat), size (cut), color (color), purity (clarity). To find out, you should consult a good appraiser gemologist specializing in diamonds.
  • Cleaning: Clean your jewelry before wearing to keep it looking good.
  • Branded jewels: If the jewel is branded (Bvlgari, Chopard, Cartier…) its price will be much higher.
  • Add gemological cases and certificates: accompany the jewel with as much documentation as possible. The gemological certificates of the diamonds will be essential for the buyer to make the best possible offer. The invoices and the original case of the jewel will give confidence to the purchaser knowing that they were acquired in prestigious jewelers.
  • Quality ads: if you decide to use a digital platform, whether it is a sale or auction format, make an effort to make a good ad. The clearer, complete and documented it is, the better.
  • Appraise the jewels: it is highly recommended to go to a professional appraiser to make a study of your jewels and a correct valuation. Only by knowing the jewelry you have will you know how to get the most benefit from its sale.
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