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The Importance Of The Digitization Of Companies

The current pandemic situation, in which the world is currently in, has had an enormous impact on many aspects. The labor sector was one of the worst.

The digital transformation of businesses has become crucial due to the restrictions and confinements on mobility of citizens. This is because it covers many aspects that can address the unique problems that have resulted from these extraordinary situations.

What is business digitization?

Many people confuse business digitization as simply having a website or creating profiles on social media. While it’s a good first step, it doesn’t mean that it is enough. It is important to continue to utilize digital channels to the benefit of your company.

A digital transformation does not just involve getting customers and selling online. It also involves automating internal processes with new technologies. This increases employee productivity and improves the company’s profitability. We will also discuss how digital transformation can improve the family reconciliation opportunities for employees.

Sales of products and services can be increased

A large portion of the population decides whether or not to purchase a product or service online.

Online marketing covers many channels through which you can reach your target customers and guide them through the sales funnel to purchase the service.

It is best to do a thorough buyer person study to determine which channels are more profitable. It is possible to not use all channels, depending on the target audience.

Additionally, the digital sector offers many advantages for marketing campaigns. Segmentation is extremely powerful and allows us to choose which people our campaigns will impact. This means that there is a greater return on investment.

This is because of the huge amount of data both Facebook and Google have about each of us and the ability to tailor advertising to our needs.

Productivity of employees

As we’ve said, digital transformation does not only involve increasing sales of products or services digitally. It also has an impact on internal processes.

There are many tools available today that make it easier for employees to communicate and organize their tasks. Many processes that require time investment can be automated.

Jira and Trello are two of the most well-known tools, but there are many others.

It is interesting to digitize the commercial side. It is important that sales reps are retained in a company, but they can be assisted with customer management tools to increase their productivity. Hubspot is a great tool to manage leads and customers. It has a wide range of options.

Employee conditions should be improved

Employers are key to attracting and keeping talent. Workers will always find a company that is digitally optimized more appealing.

Additionally, while the economic offer is still important, the emotional wage is becoming more important. This is the one that allows workers to enjoy a variety of benefits beyond the financial – such as flexible schedules and teleworking.

It is difficult to create a company that allows workers to telework or maintain different schedules without internal digitization.

How can I tell if my company has been digitized?

You can ask these questions to find out if your company is digitizing well.

  • Are you creating a buyer persona profile?
  • Is it in the digital environment?
  • Are you using your website to generate more sales?
  • Is your participation in RRSS having a positive impact on you?
  • Are you able to create clear strategies for a digital channel?
  • Are employees able to organize themselves using pen and paper or other office tools?
  • Are your sales reps able to manage clients quickly and efficiently?
  • Are your employees satisfied with their work conditions?

It is clear that more companies are investing in digital transformation. Those who don’t do it in a relatively short time frame may suffer in the long-term. Digital transformation is not an option but a necessity for any sector of the economy.

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